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Wired In

Python-Based Task Manager & Time Tracker

From The Social Network:

SEAN: This house and this team are great. It’s exactly what it should be. (to ANDREW) I’m Sean Parker.

ANDREW pays no attention as MARK comes out of the kitchen--

MARK: He’s wired in.

SEAN: That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

About Wired In

This is my joint time tracker and task organiser. Sometime around October 2011 I got fed up with using post-it notes, text files, online sites, complicated local wordpress installations, etc. to keep track of what I do, how I do it, and when I do it. I figured with a lot of work I could make a program that does it better - this is the result, still in progress.

It is free to use and develop; fork away. I use it daily. I have loaded two example files that show how the information is stored. I would like to move away from .csv eventually.

Some files - my current tasks, lists, and subfunctions - are not included for privacy reasons (obviously, I don't want everyone knwoing what I actually do all day.). These files are privately stored in a bitbucket and should not appear in here.

I originally hadn't intended to make this public - there are a lot of small bugs that may need to be fixed. There's also a lot of references to the film Avatar - this started out being called Mask On, the idea being that I wanted to put my mask on when I went out into the jungle. Obviously this, and all other references, are merely for my own personal amusement, and shouldn't be taken too seriously.


For Mac (my OS) or Linux.

Obviously, this is just a python script with various .csv databases. I run everything from the Terminal and use mvim to manually edit the .csv's, as I don't have an easy write function made up. If you're not cool with this, I don't have a solution for you at the moment. I use Quicksilver to access the Terminal quickly.

Download the script, and put it somewhere you're happy with it being.

Set up a symbolic link - I use wyr, and also mask, as aliases:

ln -s /Users/xyz/long/absolute/path/to/ /usr/bin/wyr

Make it executable:

chmod a+x /Users/xyz/long/absolute/path/to/

Change the path files in the beginning of to your path. Change file names accordingly. To get an opening line in each file, type:

wyr write
wyr buy
wyr fence

wyr help will give you a more-or-less accurate list of the commands you can use.

I highly advise that you use this program along with GeekTools to stop the constant wyr today tasks all. Having it on the desktop is a great, easy, cluttered ux. I've provided a screenshot below.

An example screenshot. Wired in is on the left, beneath the Examination text

If you have a job and want to keep track of your hours, let me know and I'll hit you with my personal work python script. I am keeping it off here due to security and privacy reasons.


A time-tracker and task organisation program.






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