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Richard Marks

Senior Software Engineer @ycawmoycbw — — 504-452-3363

I developed a passion for game programming at a young age. Since 1988 I have taught myself a plethora of programming languages, and built many projects for a wide variety of platforms. I am extremely versatile and easily adapt to any work environment. I live to code, to learn, and to educate others in the art of game programming.


Oct 2017 – Present — Lead Front End Developer @ TandemSeven Boston, MA

Responsible for green-fielding a static product training intranet site, and the research and development of performance enhancements to an existing large corporate intranet front end solution using React, ECMAScript 2015 and CSS3, ensuring functional consistency and stability, and constant communication and coordination with other team members.

Jul 2017 – Oct 2017 — Senior Full-Stack Engineer @ Strive Tech Inc. Bothell, WA

Responsibilities included engineering performant mobile-friendly components using React, ECMAScript 2015 and CSS3, leading and coordinating feature development efforts with a junior developer. I personally led the development effort of building an easy to maintain and expand core foundation for additional features to be built upon. Technologies including Meteor, FlowRouter, MongoDB, React, Material-UI, and NVD3 were used in the development of a private sports statistics collection and data management app for mobile and desktop use.

Feb 2017 – Jun 2017 — Lead Front End Developer @ TandemSeven Boston, MA

Responsibilities included engineering efficient cross-browser compatible modular components using React, ECMAScript 2015 and CSS3, unit testing components for functional consistency and stability, coordinating with contractors and other team members for the rapid development of a large-scale multi-user web application front end solution.

Dec 2015 – Feb 2017 — Senior Software Engineer @ Curriculum Associates, LLC. Billerica, MA

Responsibilities included developing efficient solutions for enterprise educational technology products, team building and project management, coordinating large development efforts with other teams, assisting junior developers with ramping up on current technologies, establishing and documenting new APIs and engineering custom build and deploy solutions using cutting-edge modern web development technologies.

Oct 2010 – Present — Senior Technical Director @ Rambling Indie Games, LLC. Decatur, IL

Responsible for the technical direction and mentoring of the core development team. Responsibilities include development and maintenance of all hardware, software, tools, and various pipelines required to maintain the development production environment. Responsible for the recruitment and training of new team members.


· ECMAScript 2015 (ES6/Babel) · JavaScript · HTML5 · CSS3 · CoffeeScript ·

· TypeScript · ActionScript 3 · Python · Lua · Ruby · Haxe · C/C++ (0x98) · C# · Java · Scheme · Assembly · Forth ·


· React · CreateJS · GSAP · Quick · phaser · CraftyJS · pulse ·

· game closure · Quintus · jQuery · gogomakeplay · jaws · angular · ember · bootstrap ·

· foundation · h5 boilerplate · ionic · node · electron · SDL · Allegro · DirectX · OpenFL · RenPy ·


git, npm, vim, webpack, gulp, grunt, github, bitbucket, jira, confluence, Visual Studio, Unity, Animate, Illustrator, Photoshop, blender, GIMP

I love to learn new languages, try out new frameworks, and find new ways to solve old problems. The future of game development is constantly changing, and you've got to watch the horizon for anything and everything that comes your way.


HTML5 Apps (Web, Mobile)

Binary Assist

Small android mobile app to help teach binary to decimal and decimal to binary conversion to my programming students. Used React and flexbox CSS for implementation and Apache Cordova for deployment to the android platform.

HTML5 Games

Cucurbita's Halloween

Developed a 2D Cartoon Action Adventure game from start to finish using a modified Quick JS library. Notable features include animated sprites, smooth scene transitions, and a modular design approach.

Boomin' Bullseye

Developed a mobile-ready 2D “fish in a barrel” arcade style shooter game using the Phaser library.

Zombies Til Dawn

Developed a small mobile-ready abstract strategy game using pure JS and HTML5 Canvas API.

Mobile Games

into the Pitch

Developed an android mobile 2D abstract “endless runner” style game using Unity 5 as an experiment based on a joke post found on a popular social network.

Workshop Mayhem

Developed an android mobile port/rewrite of the Flash version using the Giderosmobile Lua-based mobile development platform. Required the re-implementation of more than 60% of the Flashpunk Flash library codebase in the Lua langauge.


Developed a small android mobile utility app which allows the user to obtain the four components of a 3D Rotation Quaternion given three Euler Rotation angles.

PC Games

Island Adventure

Developed a powerful data-driven adventure game engine for this small contest demo game.


Developed a comprehensive 2D game engine on top of the Allegro libraries sporting multi-layer tilemaps, scripted NPC AI, and a fully-data-driven RPG demo for this 48-hour contest.


Developed a complete graphical RPG rendered in colored ASCII via Windows Console for this 1st-place winning 24-hour contest entry. The game features a Manual Name Entry Screen, Multiple Character Classes, Random Character Generation System, ASCII Sprites, One-on-One Encounter Engine With Items, Skills, and Probabilistic Chance of Escape and Reward, Random and Scripted Battles, Items, Equipment, Magic, Inns, Shops, Scripted Story Events, Realtime Keyboard Navigation Controls, Custom Multi-State In-Game Menus, Custom Dialog Box System, and Savegame Support for up to 3 Simultaneous Games.


Developed a rather ambitious RPG rendered in classic ASCII visuals and won second place with this contest entry. Features include a massive game world, puzzles, combat, and deep storyline.

Nadierian Chaos

Developed an action-packed side-scrolling space-shooter for DOS sans scrolling and shooting...using QuickBASIC. My first independent publicly released project, and my first commercial product.

Custom Game Engines and Development Tools

Untitled Visual Novel Engine

Currently developing a custom data-driven engine for developing visual novel games. Using C++ and SDL2 to construct a powerful, fast, and easy to use hardware-accelerated platform and other open source libraries to aid the development of the project. Exploring the possibility of embedding V8 for JavaScript, Python, Lua, or Ruby for scene scripting capabilities.


Developed many other engines and tools including ged101minimal, Rubicon, pe3136, Phase V Lua Game Development Environment, JGP Javascript Gaming Platform, EasyConsole, TweenGen, Autotile Assistant, Sprite Sheet Slicer, Texture Size Finder, Wireframe 3D Model Editor, Basic SDL Map Editor, 2D RPG Game World Designer, Game Resource Compressor and Archiver, TCTMaped, IPA Image Palette Analysis Tool, C64 Sprite Editor, ECPU Emulator/Virtual Machine, Assembler/Disassembler, ASK Allegro Starter Kit, and many more unlisted.

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