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5 Approaches to Write Your Personal Statement to College

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Writes To College When it comes to college applications, writing your personal statement is one of the most important parts of this process. It is normally one of the few chances that you get to make a good first impression by showcasing the things that bring out your uniqueness other than your name. In about 4000 characters, you are supposed to convince the college that you want to be absorbed into that you are indeed the best applicant. Below are some of the best approaches that you can incorporate into the process of writing your personal statement:

1. Make a Draft That’s Devoid of a Character Counter

When kicking off your personal statement writing, it is wise for you to begin without a character counter in place. This is because it will prevent you from panicking after you’ve just written half of what you intend to write and the character count indicates that you are already beyond the stipulated amount. Write your story in the best way possible regardless of the character count and then, later on, truncate the words and compress your personal statement to fit the required character count.

2. Find The Perfect Expressions and Words

In your personal statement, you would do yourself a huge favor if you sounded more professional and had an aura of elegance. One of the ways in which you can make this possible is by using the perfect words and expressions. Using “accomplish” in the place of “do” or even “presume” instead of “think” are just some of the many examples of the types of words that you can use to actualize this. When making college applications, this is a vital step that you should not overlook but rather, do everything in your power to apply it. You can use tools like Google translate and even dictionaries to help you to successfully accomplish this.

3. Concentrate on Your Strengths

In your personal statement, your main aim should be selling yourself to the college that you are applying for. If you could borrow a leaf from the best product proposers, you find that their strengths lie in their ability to showcase the strengths of that particular product. Likewise, your personal statement should be flowing with the best aspects about you. Such aspects include your knowledge, your experiences, and even future plans. Your weaknesses or failures should appear nowhere near your personal statement to a college. It will be immensely counter-productive to your aim of receiving an admission letter from the college.

4. Find The Best Opening Sentence

You should always strive to capture your readers’ attention when even writing personal statements. One of the best ways to ensure that you do this successfully is beginning with something interesting, unusual, funny or simply surprising in order to create a great first impression. You should not struggle to squeeze funny things from your brain as it can end up being useless. Instead, be keen to capture what will crop up in your mind during some random moment after working for hours on the content of your personal statement. So, simply wait but never overthink it.

5. Be Honest

You should avoid telling half-truths or even totally fabricated details about yourself in a bid to make you sound more marketable. This includes saying things like you speak Spanish fluently while in the real sense you just know Spanish greetings. It is simply pointless to create false images about yourself because the truth at some point will have to emerge and in the process tarnish your image.


The essence of a personal statement in college applications is almost priceless because it’s a defining piece that dictates the success of your application. Having a good technical know-how concerning the techniques to use when writing one is a vital thing for all students. Above are some of the strategies that you can use to spice up your personal statement and propel your application to success. Anyway, if you missed all the deadlines you can use special online services like to complete your personal statement properly in short time and win the race. Has this article been educative?

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