Offheap Java POJOs with guaranteed memory alignment
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There is a good description here

tl;dr: Offheap Java Tuples that look like POJOs with guaranteed memory alignment.

Code Example

// Define your DataType
public interface GameEvent extends Cursor {
  public int getId();
  public void setId(int value);
  public long getStrength();
  public void setStrength(long value);

// Create an allocator for your DataType
Allocator<GameEvent> eventAllocator = Allocator.of(GameEvent.class);

// Allocate 100 off heap GameEvent instances - sequentially in memory
GameEvent event = eventAllocator.allocate(100);

// Move to the index of the instance that you want to read from or write to

// set and get values like a normal POJO
assertEquals(6, event.getId());