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function Install-MicrosoftSqlServerDacFxx64 {
Install Microsoft.SqlServer.DacFx.x64 from NuGet
Installs Microsoft.SqlServer.DacFx.x64 into a folder path, optionally using NuGet that is already preinstalled.
.PARAMETER WorkingFolder
Mandatory - Location of where NuGet package is to be installed.
.PARAMETER DataToolsMsBuildPackageVersion
OPtional - The version we want to install.
Optional - Can use NuGet already installed or leave blank to downloadNuGet from the internet.
Directory of Nuget package.
Example 1) Download latest NuGet package to PSScriptRoot
$workingFolder = $PSScriptRoot
New-Item -ItemType Directory -Force -Path $WorkingFolder
$dacX64 = Join-Path $WorkingFolder "\Microsoft.SqlServer.DacFx.x64\lib\net46"
if ((Test-Path $dacX64) -eq $false) {
Install-MicrosoftDataToolsMSBuild -WorkingFolder $workingFolder
if ((Test-Path $dacX64) -eq $false) {
Write-Output "Oh! It looks like dacX64 did not download."
param (
[string] $WorkingFolder,
[string] $DacFxx64Version,
[string] $NuGetPath
Write-Verbose "Verbose Folder : $WorkingFolder" -Verbose
Write-Verbose "DataToolsVersion : $DacFxx64Version" -Verbose
Write-Warning "If DacFxx64Version is blank latest will be used"
if ($PSBoundParameters.ContainsKey('NuGetPath') -eq $false) {
$NuGetExe = Install-NuGet -WorkingFolder $WorkingFolder
else {
Write-Verbose "Skipping Nuget download..." -Verbose
$NuGetExe = Join-Path $NuGetPath "nuget.exe"
if (-not (Test-Path $NuGetExe)) {
Throw "NuGetpath specified, but nuget exe does not exist!"
$TestDotNetVersion = Test-NetInstalled -DotNetVersion "4.6.1"
Write-Host ".NET Version is $($TestDotNetVersion.DotNetVersion), DWORD Value is $($TestDotNetVersion.DWORD) and Required Version is $($TestDotNetVersion.RequiredVersion)" -ForegroundColor White -BackgroundColor DarkMagenta
if ($TestDotNetVersion.DWORD -le 394254) {
Throw "Need to install .NET 4.6.1 at least!"
$nugetArgs = @("install","Microsoft.SqlServer.DacFx.x64","-ExcludeVersion","-OutputDirectory",$WorkingFolder)
if ($DacFxx64Version) {
if ($DacFxx64Version -lt "130.3485.1") {
Throw "Lower versions than 130.3485.1 will NOT work with Publish-DatabaseDeployment. For more information, read the post"
$nugetArgs += "-version",$DacFxx64Version
Write-Host $nugetExe ($nugetArgs -join " ") -BackgroundColor White -ForegroundColor DarkGreen
&$nugetExe $nugetArgs 2>&1 | Out-Host
$dacFxFolderNet46 = "$WorkingFolder\Microsoft.SqlServer.DacFx.x64\lib\net46"
if (-not (Test-Path $dacFxFolderNet46)) {
$dacFxFolderNet40 = "$WorkingFolder\Microsoft.SqlServer.DacFx.x64\lib\net40"
if (-not (Test-Path $dacFxFolderNet40)) {
Throw "It appears that the nuget install hasn't worked, check output above to see whats going on."
if (Test-Path $dacFxFolderNet46) {
return $dacFxFolderNet46
elseif (Test-Path $dacFxFolderNet40) {
return $dacFxFolderNet40