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Project is a terraform-based project.

To Build/Deploy Project

  • You will need to specify the values yourself for anything not in double quotes in the terraform.tfvars -
subscription_id = ""
subscription_name = ""
environment_suffix = ""
tenant_id = ""

Some variables are sensitive and need to be added to a file which will not be added to the repo as it is included in the gitignore file.

  • At root directory create a and enter the following parameters. You will need to specify the values yourself.
sqladminpassword = password of sql admin account on box
sqladminuser = username of sql admin
  • Make sure you have terraform installed and added to path.
  • Make sure you have az cli installed.
  • Should you have more than one subscription, specify it az account set --subscription="SUBSCRIPTION_ID"
  • Open shell at root of directory (ie PowerShell)
  • Login using az commands
  • Run terraform init
  • If successful, run terraform apply

Pester Tests are run as null_resource resource via the local_exec provider, and have triggers so that they are always run.

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