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Welcome, HIC dataset is a large corpus of actual human initialization clicks on TB50 visual tracking dataset [1].

1. The clicks are collected from different human subjects, who are required to click target center on streaming video, and under 3 scenarios that simulate different system constraints. From mild to severe, they are Pause&Click, Follow&Click, and Spot&Click. Please see [2] for details.

2. HIC_20000 contains 20000+ clicks for all 3 scenarios, based on all 49 sequences in TB50.

3. HIC_2000 is part of HIC_20000, containing 2200 clicks for Follow&Click and Spot&Click, based on 11 erratic sequences [3]. For each scenario and each sequence, it contains 100 randomly selected clicks.

4. Each row in the txt files represent a human click, (frame_number, x, y, click_duration). 
 * 'frame_number', 'x', 'y' start from 1, 2, 3...
 * 'click_duration' is only available in 'Pause&Click', representing how many frames a user use for a click after pausing videos.
5. If you find this dataset useful in your research, please consider citing:

  title={Automatic Refinement Strategies for Manual Initialization of Object Trackers},
  author={Zhu, H. and Porikli, F.},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Image Processing},

[1]TB50 sequences:

[2]Zhu H, Porikli F. Automatic Refinement Strategies for Manual Initialization of Object Trackers[J]. IEEE transactions on image processing: a publication of the IEEE Signal Processing Society, 2016.
You can access our paper in the publication list here:

[3]Erratic sequences includes erratic camera and object motion patterns. They are 'BlurBody','BlurCar2','BlurFace,'BlurOwl','Couple','Deer','DragonBaby','Human9','Jumping','Surfer',and 'Woman'.