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Reposiary Containing All Of ROS Broadcast's Messages.
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ROS Broadcast Live Executer.exe

ROS Broadcast Github Repositary

This Reposiary Contains All Of ROS Broadcast's Messages.

How To Submit A Message Use:

  1. Go To The "Messages" Folder
  2. Click "Create New File"
  3. In The File Name Type The Message Code You Want To Use
  4. Enter Your Message
  5. Hit Commit
  6. Done! Your Message Should Soon Appear When Searching For It In ROS Broadcast

How To View The Message:

  1. Download The ROS Broadcast Live Executer.exe File
  2. Open It
  3. Press "Next"
  4. Choose "I Agree With The Above Terms And Conditions"
  5. Press "Next"
  6. Press "Yes" If Prompted
  7. Done! Just Type In The Message Code And That's It.
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