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New Integration: Code Factor

What Is Code Factor?

Ensure that your code meets quality standards. seamlessly integrates with GitHub, instantly performs Code Review with every GitHub Commit or PR. Zero setup time. Get actionable feedback within seconds for any branch. Customize rules and ignore irrelevant issues. Get refactoring tips on every issue.

Current Status (You can also view this in the file): CodeFactor

Problems Fixed:

  • Fixed: Redefining built-in 'type'
  • Fixed Redefining built-in
  • Fixed: Redefining built-in 'format'
  • Fixed: Unnecessary "else" after "return"
  • Fixed: Consider using enumerate instead of iterating with range and len
  • Fixed: Final newline missing
  • Fixed: More than one statement on a single line in line 1064
  • Fixed Unnecessary "else" after "return" And More
  • Fixed: Possible hardcoded password
  • Fixed Security Issue
  • Fixed Unused variable 'nothing' in line 291
  • Fixed delay scripts
  • Fixed Comparison to True should be just 'expr' or 'expr is True'
  • Fixed tryanswer not defined in captcha()
  • Fixed Possible hardcoded password in line 275
  • Fixed IndentionError
  • Normalise Indention
  • Fixed Another Critical Issue
  • Fixed A Critical Issue
  • Fixed Indention And Fixed Another Spelling Error
  • Removed Duplicate Code
  • Fixed Another Spelling Error
  • Fixed Spelling Mistakes