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Virus Share Hashes Travis Build Status

Every single VirusShare MD5 hash in a single file, ready for distribution and CI integrations.

How to use

Download the pre-created list of MD5 hashes

Download URL

Download from this URL:

Using CURL

$ curl -L -o virushashes.txt

Using WGET

$ wget

Other methods of download are supported

Compile the list of hashes yourself

The hashes are updated daily but you can manually build the hashes yourself as well.

What you need

  • Python 2.x or newer.
  • An internet connection.
  • Avalible disk space. 10MB (not including Python) should be more than enough; at the time of writing the generated file is only 4.13MB big.

How to do it

  1. Download the generation file from

  2. Generate the hashes by running python

  3. Wait a while

  4. You will know that the operation has succeeded when you receive this message in the command line: Hashes file creation complete.