A set of Ruby helpers for dealing with ancient modems.
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Modem Utilities

An assorted collection of retrocomputing utilities.


This tool allows you to send a single file over RS-232 using the XMODEM protocol. This allows file transfer over terminal.exe (Windows 3.1) or hyperterm (Windows 95 and above).

It supports the following config options (set via ENV vars):

  • FILE a REALATIVE path to the file you wish to send.
  • PORT The serial port you want to send it over. Default is /dev/ttyUSB0.
  • BAUD Data rate. Default is 9600 because I am targeting ancient computers.


env FILE=placeholder.png ruby xmodem.rb


  • If you do not see SYSTEM OK on the distant end at startup, you do not have connectivity. Ensure that the distant end has the correct serial port settings.
  • Other options (such as data bits and stop bits) could be configurable, but you will need to request it. Pease raise an issue if you have any questions.

STATUS: It works and I use it regularly with a USB RS-232 adapter on Windows 3.1.


Eventually, this will be a drop-in replacement for an analog modem. Will emulate an analog modem connecting to a dialup ISP. Will operate over null modem cable, eliminating the need for a physical modem.

STATUS: Work in progress. Gets you to the 3rd party auth screen of IE5 (Shiva dialer, really) and then crashes.