BandMate is online band manager built using ASP.NET MVC5 and Entity Framework.
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Welcome to BandMate

Manage your band online

Bandmate is online band manager built as my capstone project for devCodeCamp. Bandmate was built in 2 weeks using ASP.NET MVC5 and Entity Framework. BandMate implements 5 APIs:

  • Google Maps APIfor geolocating addresses and displaying maps
  • Stripe APIfor processing payments and managing paid subscriptions
  • Twilio APIfor sending text messages
  • SendGrid APIfor sending email messages
  • Spotify APIfor embedding playlists

BandMate's key features:

  • Invite your members
    Send an email to your band members so they can see all the info they need. Send daily reminders about your band events via email or text.
  • Manage your tours
    Add venues, songs, and set lists. Add tour dates and view them on a map. Collect your appearance fees and track the merch you sell at gigs.
  • Sell your merch
    Create an online storefront so your fans can get your latest products. Upload product images and sell standard products or garments. Spotify playlist included.

To view a demo of bandmate, visit