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TCP Chatroom

TCP Chatroom is a C# project that allows users on the same local network to chat via the console.

Features Include:

  • Multiple users can chat over the local network.
  • Notifications are sent to all users when a person joins or leaves the chat.
  • All messages and notifications are logged to a text file.

Development Notes:

  • All users are stored in a Dictionary.
  • All messages are stored in a Queue.
  • SOLID deisgn principles were used in the following ways:
    • The dependency injection design pattern was used for logging. This creates low coupling and high cohesion. This satisfies the "D" in the SOLID principles — The Dependency Inversion Principle.
    • The Single Responsibility ("S" in SOLID) is satisfied in the CheckIfConnected method in the User class. This method does one thing and one thing well.
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