Add yourself to the list and avoid the wait! Built using ASP.NET MVC5 and Entity Framework.
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Welcome to Waiter

Add yourself to the list and avoid the wait

Waiter is an app that allows diners to view and join restaurant wait lists built as my group capstone project for devCodeCamp. Waiter was built by myself and 2 other developers in 1 week using ASP.NET MVC5 and Entity Framework. Waiter implements 4 APIs:

  • Google Maps APIfor geolocating and searching addresses and displaying maps
  • Stripe APIfor processing payments and managing paid subscriptions
  • Twilio APIfor sending and receiving text messages
  • OpenWeather APIfor getting current weather conditions for use in analytics

Waiter's Key Features:

For Diners:

  • Diners can search for restaurants based on their current location or an address they provide, view the stated and average wait times and "WaitRate" for each restaurant. The "WaitRate" is a rating based on diner satisfaction with actual vs. stated wait times for each restaurant.
  • Diners can quickly judge if a wait time is short or long via contextual colors on the map display (i.e. red marker is long wait, green marker is short wait, blue marker is about average).
  • Diners can add their party to the wait list with the restaurant they choose.
  • Diners receive notification via text message when their table is ready.
  • Diners can see their actual wait time vs. stated wait time via text message and reply with a "WaitRate" to rate their experience accordingly. A sample message is "Bel Air Cantina had a table ready for you X minutes earlier than stated. Did you enjoy your wait experience? Reply 'y' or 'n'"
  • Diners can view estimated wait times based on historical wait data, day of week and weather analytics.

For Restaurant Managers:

  • Managers sign up for Waiter and provide their address so diners can find their restaurant.
  • Managers pay for a monthly or annual subscription to Waiter using their credit card.
  • Managers can temporarily remove their restaurant from search results if they are on vacation or under construction.
  • Managers set the grace period (in minutes) before a diner is considered a "no-show" and they are removed from the wait list.
  • Managers set the number of people on the wait list ahead of each diner before they are sent a notification that their table is nearly ready.
  • Managers can view how many table visits their restaurant had on a particular day, how many were added at the host stand, and how many were added via Waiter. This information is displayed in a convenient bar chart.

For Restaurant Employees:

  • Employees can easily update the wait list & wait time from the host stand.
  • Diners are automatically removed from their wait list due to a no-show after the restaurant's grace period expires.
  • Employees can easily notify customers via text when their table is available.

To view a demo of Waiter, visit