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 * Launchpad compatible full-duplex software UART example program.
 * This example program implements an async serial echo program.
 * To test it, use a terminal program such as putty or
 * hyperterminal, connect to the COM port associated with your
 * launchpad device, and type away. Whatever you type will be
 * echoed back to you. The default settings are 9600-8-N-1
 * as defined in the config.h file.
 * The code illustrates how to utilize the full-duplex interrupt
 * driven software UART routines from softserial.c
 * CPU speed and baud rate are set in config.h. The software
 * might drive the TX and RX signals up to 230400 baud
 * depending on the accuracy of your SMCLK. To get a baud rate
 * greater than 9600 you will have to use something like
 * an FT232RL device and a fast CPU speed. Using the integrated
 * COM port of the launchpad, the baud rate is limited to 9600
 * as stated in the launchpad user guide.
 * This software monopolizes the TIMERA0_VECTOR and TIMERA1_VECTOR
 * interrupts. This code assumes you are using a TI Launchpad
 * with an msp430g2231 in the socket, and the external watch
 * crystal soldered on the board. However it should work with
 * any mps430 device you can put in the launchpad socket. It
 * uses about 800bytes of flash.
 * This software is s mismash of various chunks of code 
 * available on the net, with my own special seasoning. Mostly
 * inspired by Appnote sla307a, the arduino HardwareSerial.cpp
 * source, and various postings on the TI e2e forum.
 * License: Do with this code what you want. However, don't blame
 * me if you connect it to a heart pump and it stops.  This source
 * is provided as is with no warranties. It probably has bugs!!
 * You have been warned!
 * Author: Rick Kimball
 * email: rick@kimballsoftware.com
 * Version: 1.0 Initial version 04-20-2011