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Welcome to the sourcesmouth-blorg-theme wiki!

This is a small project to maintain a theme for blorg.el Bastien Gurry’s blogging tool for Emacs org-mode

The theme is a simple theme used on my blog

This was published in response to a request on the org-mode mailing list.

I’ve untangled many of the dependencies on my system, but there are a few left. If anyone attempts to use this, then it would be good to untangle some of these also. I’m not (yet) an elisp hacker, and know that there is much work left to be done.

The release includes a slightly modified version of blorg.el, it could really be patched upto Bastien’s more recent 0.75e release. The modifications are minor and include support for using a 3rd party feed service (e.g. feedburner) and adding a css class to included images.

One of the reasons for me publishing this is to help an incredibly small blorg community get a little bigger. I suspect I’m the only user at the moment!! It’s clear there is some more work needed ironing out some of blorg’s niggles also. Hopefully some more experienced elispers can help me do this, until Bastien gets around to rewriting it on top of org-publish.

There is a function called publish-blog which copies all the source images, style sheets etc into the upload directory. It also calls org-publish to generate static pages (which share much of the theme also).

There is a sample file, and a pages/ file which can be modified to get started.

Be sure to let the me know if you’re using this, and hopefully we can iron out some problems.

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