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Publishing Web Connection Applications to a Clean Web Server

prepared for Southwest Fox 2019

White Paper

Session Notes (summary)

Traditionally Web Connection has not been easy to install on a live server due to the variety of components that need to be installed and moved to a running server. In recent versions Web Connection has introduced a number of tools and features that make it much easier to package and publish files to a server and automate much of the configuration process.

In this session I'll demonstrate these new features by creating a small sample application and then publishing it onto a new, clean virtual machine server from scratch. I'll show how to test your application locally and get it ready for deployment, use the new tooling to package up files, copy files to the server, and then use the new built-in configuration tools to configure the server and run it. Finally I'll also show how to make changes and update the running application on a live server.

This session also covers hosting options and what hardware or virtual machine features you need to look at along with some notes on various host providers.

This sessions both discusses the concepts and pieces needed for publishing and then provides a real-time walk through of the configuration process on a live virtual machine hosted in the cloud.

You will learn:

  • How to build and test Web Connection locally
  • How to prepare for publishing an application
  • How to get files moved to a server initially and subsequently
  • How automate IIS Installation quickly on the server
  • How install and configure your application quickly on the server
  • How to install an SSL Certificate for free
  • How to manage and update your application on the server

Prerequisites: Some familiarity with Web Connection is recommended as we talk about Web Connection applications, but the concepts and features are easily accessible without any other pre-requisites

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