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Anti-Trust Guilty Album Release to Web

Anti-Trust is a Punk Rock music side project created by Rick Strahl, in collaboration with fellow former Attitude Adjustment band members Chris Kontos and Andy Andersen.

This GitHub repository holds all the content for the official 12 song Guilty album release plus 3 bonus songs, several new songs that are in progress for the next The Masters of Disaster release, including all the music files and support assets. You can download both individual songs and the full album(s) from here for free.

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Listen Online

You can check out and listen to all the music for this album on our Web Site:

On that site you can find all the songs to browse through and play online, lyrics as well as old photos and band information.

You can also find, stream or buy the 'Guilty' album on your favorite streaming services:

Download all Music

In addition to the Web Site for free streaming, all the digital music and content is available here for download for free. This GitHub Repository Site provides access to all of the music and support content that you can download from here:

Print your own T-Shirts

Want an Anti-Trust T-Shirt? We're making artwork available, so you can print your own T-Shirts or other typical merchandise using readily available online services at Amazon and other retailers. You can download the T-Shirt Artwork and use any printing service (we provide a few links) to customize your own T-Shirt.


Any of the Anti-Trust Music provided on this site is free for personal use. You can listen, freely download and share this music with your friends. The more the merrier!

We also allow for free use of this music for use in online digital or other media content with proper attribution to Anti-Trust. For commercial use you are required to prominently include the following copyright notice:

© Anti-Trust Music

You also must provide an explicitly visible back link to the Anti-Trust Web Site, wherever this content is used, in any digital content that uses this music, and/or include this link on any physically distributed content packaging:

Under no circumstances are you allowed to re-package this content under different names or branding.

For other licensing arrangements please contact:

Want to Support us?

Help us out and spread the word! If you like what you hear, please share the Web site or individual songs on Twitter or Facebook or other social media sites. And please star ⭐ this GitHub repository.

If you like what you're hearing, you can also buy a hand numbered, limited run CD, stickers, or simply make a donation with an amount of your choice.

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