Bangor's entry to mini challenge 1 of the 2011 VAST Challenge - determining epidemic spread from microblogging (twitter-like) messages. We built a system that lets us visualise individual time points and ranges, and arrange these on a timeline to form a hypothesis on spread. Uses the WordCram library ( and Lee Byron's Streamgraph im…
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This README is outdated - I rolled things over to Eclipse and a different data set, and unfortunately it's not one I can share easily online. If I get the chance, I'll fix it in the next few months.

--- this section applies to versions before Jan 2013 ---
To get this to run, you'll need:
- Processing (not the 2.0 beta, 1.5.1 works great)
- A couple of libraries: geomerative and controlp5 (the others that it needs are included in the code folder)

You'll also need to unzip the data file ( to the same directory it's currently in. That's an sqlite database of the microblogging messages with the dates formatted as dates.