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React Isomorphic Starterkit

Isomorphic starterkit with server-side React rendering using npm, koa, webpack, babel, react, react-router, react-transform-hmr, react-transmit, react-inline-css

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  • Fully automated toolchain with npm run scripts
  • React 0.14 + React Router 2.0 on the client and server
  • Babel 6 automatically compiles ES2015 + ES7 stage-0
  • Webpack HMR for instant server updates
  • React Transform HMR for instant client updates
  • React Transmit to preload on server and hydrate client
  • InlineCss-component for styling components

It just works out-of-the-box.



git clone
cd react-isomorphic-starterkit
npm install
npm run watch     # Yes, ONE command for both server AND client development!


npm run build
npm run start  


Run npm run watch in your terminal and play with views/Main.js to get a feel of the server-side rendering and client-side hot updates.


Let's start one together! After you ★Star this project, follow @Rygu on Twitter.


BSD 3-Clause license. Copyright © 2015, Rick Wong. All rights reserved.