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Trello to GitHub issues

Simple import of exported Trello cards into GitHub issues


  • Python 3.4

Label rewrites --labelmaps

The labelmaps argument takes a JSON file with any of the following keys:

  • labels
  • lists

Each of these will take the names described under them, and translate them to labels, or milestones as specified.


    "labels": {
        "Really Hard": {"label": "8 points"}
    "lists": {
        "Done": { "state": "closed" },
        "Doing": { "label": ["in progress", "now"] },
        "Next Up": { "milestone": "alpha 4",
                     "label": "some label" },
        "Beta icebox": { "milestone": "beta" }


For the Trello board at https://trello.com/b/zaFPjsli/dockci


    "lists": {
        "Done": {"state": "closed" },
        "Doing": { "label": "in progress" },
        "Next Up": { "milestone": "alpha 4" },
        "Beta icebox": { "milestone": "beta" }
./import-issues.py --loglevel DEBUG \
                   --statedir state \
                   --labelmaps mappings.json \
                   trello.json rickycook dockci \
                   my@email.com mypasswordhere

The --statedir flag is recommended to allow recovery in case GitHub's abuse detection is triggered (see #5). If this happens, rerun the command with the same --statedir value as before.