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Library with advanced .NET reflection APIs.

TODO: The idea is to move all reflection APIs from my other libraries (mainly NJsonSchema) into this general purpose library.


C# 8 nullability reflection

With the TypeWithContext class you can reflect on the nullability of properties, fields, method parameters and return types which will be available when compiling with the C# 8 compiler with the Nullable Reference Types feature enabled.

Given the following test class with some C# 8 nullability annotations (?):

#nullable enable

public class TestClass
    public void Process(Dictionary<string, string?> dictionary)

To reflect on the first parameter's nullability, we can load a TypeWithContext instance and display the nullability of the parameter's types:

var method = typeof(TestClass).GetMethod(nameof(TestClass.Process));
var parameter = method.GetParameters().First();
var parameterTypeWithContext = parameter.GetTypeWithContext();

Console.WriteLine("Dictionary: " + parameterTypeWithContext.Nullability);
Console.WriteLine("Key: " + parameterTypeWithContext.GenericArguments[0].Nullability);
Console.WriteLine("Value: " + parameterTypeWithContext.GenericArguments[1].Nullability);

The output is:

Dictionary: NotNullable
Key: NotNullable
Value: Nullable

For more details, see

XML Docs

TODO: Move into this repo

Other APIs

TODO: Move into this repo

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