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Visto JavaScript Framework (VistoJS)


NuGet Version

The Visto JavaScript Framework (VistoJS) is an MVVM-based application framework to implement single-page Web applications. The framework integrates KnockoutJS, JQuery, RequireJS, Q Promises and TypeScript to provide a clean, convention-based MVVM programming model inspired by .NET/XAML: Implement views with "code-behind" classes and bindings to view models, declaratively load sub views in HTML with custom tags or navigate between pages in a stack-based frame.

(This project has originally been hosted on CodePlex)


The framework provides the following key features:

  • Support for composable views with "code-behind" classes and view models
    • The appereance of the views are declared using HTML
    • Support for event methods on views and view models like onLoaded(), onNavigatedTo(), etc.
    • The view models are bound to the views using KnockoutJS bindings
    • Load sub views declaratively using custom tags and pass one-way or two-way bound parameters
    • Instantiate multiple instances of the same view for example in repeating lists
    • No "build-up flickering" by displaying a view not until every sub view has been loaded
  • Support for stack-based paging and dialogs
    • The framework automatically calls onNavigateTo(), onLoaded(), destroy() and other event methods
    • The browser history is correctly handled and the page stack can be restored from an URL
  • More maintainable and understandable code by enforcing structure and conventions
    • The resulting application is component based
    • Views can be grouped into packages
  • Support for declarative UI internationalization
    • Declaratively translate your UI with the vs-translate attribute which automatically updates the UI when the language changes
    • "Language bindings" can also be programmatically used in code
  • Visto.js file size is 30kb minimized (54kb debug)

Dependencies and used libraries

The framework depends on the following 3rd party ilbraries:

  • KnockoutJS: Bindings between HTML and JavaScript view models (needed for MVVM support)
  • JQuery: DOM and HTML manipulations
  • JQuery.Hashchange: Detect user back navigation
  • RequireJS: AMD module loading and dependency management
  • Q: Promises/A+ support
  • (The sample application requires the Bootstrap UI framework)

The Visto JavaScript Library is designed to be used with TypeScript but is fully working with plain JavaScript.

First steps

To play with the sample application, download or clone the project and open Visto/index.html to execute the sample project in your browser. Open the Visual Studio solution Visto.sln to start developing on the sample application (TypeScript must be installed).

The "common" package provides some reusable controls and views. The package is not required to use the Visto JavaScript Library. Some methods and views in this package require the Bootstrap UI framework.


To create an empty Visual Studio project with the framework installed:

  1. Install TypeScript 1.4 for Visual Studio 2013

  2. Create a new, empty ASP.NET web project with TypeScript support

  3. Edit project properties, go to the "TypeScript Build" section and

    • Disable "Allow implicit 'any' types"
    • Set the "Module system" to "AMD"
  4. Install the NuGet package VistoJS.Complete or VistoJS

  5. Add the following configuration to your Web.config so that JSON files are correctly served:

             <remove fileExtension=".json" />
             <mimeMap fileExtension=".json" mimeType="application/json" />

Final notes

The Visto JavaScript framework is developed and maintained by Rico Suter.