An email signature template. Just use it!
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Email signature

A simple and beautiful signature to include in all your email accounts and clients.

Your email signature is as important as any other part of your corporate identity. Using a badly designed email signature is akin to writing your details on a scrap of paper and handing it to a client or prospect. It will get the job done, but what will the recipient think of such a blatant act of poor professionalism?

Here I attached you a simple, clean and a ready to use email signature.

How to customise it?

To customise the fields needed to use the signature just open the file signature.html and replace the text with your personal data.

How to use it in my email signature?

To import the signature in your email;

  1. Open the signature.html in your browser.
  2. Select all the signature content (Secondary click, select all)
  3. Open your email preferences and just paste it!

Social media icons courtesy by Dawid Dapszus