Arduino sketch for the RideData Android app v1.
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RideData is a motorsports motorcycle IMU app that uses Arduino to record data while you ride. Search RideData IMU on Google PLay and visit for more info.

This is the Arduino sketch for the RideData Android app v1. You can use any Bluetooth shield or IMU sensor you'd like, you don't even have to use an Arduino. As long as your code, in the case of an Arduino, your sketch, sends the right commands over Bluetooth, the RideData app will read it.

The app was designed to work with this sketch and the following parts:

Arduino Uno SeeedStudio Bluetooth Shield v2

SeeedStudio Grove IMU10DOF

See for details about hardware currently supported configuration and detail instructions

If you write your own it just has to send a total of 14 data points over Bluetooth with a comma separating each.

It should go: Gyro X axis, Y, Z, Accelerometer X, Y, Z, Magnetometer X, Y, Z, heading, tiltheading, temperature, pressure, atm, altitude after waiting for the character 'a'

If your IMU doesn't have all of the functions make sure it just sends the number 0.0 in place, or another number so you could just repeat the data you do have. It just needs to have the same data count and commas, see the included sketch to help write yours.

Look at the included sketch, even if your hardware is different, it will give you an idea for the pattern to follow.