GStreamer OpenMax plugin for DM81xx (RidgeRun's tree) for GStreamer 0.10. Use repo gst-rr-openmax-dm81xx if possible for better state change handling.
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This is a read-me file for gst-openmax plugins

	The gst-openmax package on
	repository is based on TI's gst-openmax and modified by RigeRun. This
	package is always updated according with the latest changes included in
	the TI package.

1. Summary
2. What is gst-openmax?
3. Documentation
4. Installing gst-openmax plugins.
5. Building gst-openmax plugins
6. Compiling gst-openmax plugins
7. Change Log
8. If something goes wrong

1. Summary
  These are the release notes for gst-openmax plugins.  Read them carefully, 
  as they tell you what this is all about, explain how to build, compile
  and install the gst-openmax plugins, and what to do if something goes 

2. What is gst-openmax?
  GstOpenMAX is a GStreamer plug-in that allows communication with OpenMAX
  IL components allowing you to take advantage of OpenMAX and all
  functions included in a multimedia framework as Gstreamer
  OpenMAX IL is an industry standard that provides an abstraction layer 
  for computer graphics, video, and sound routines.

3. Documentation

  RidgeRun gst-openmax package follows the same structure of TI gst-openmax
  package. The difference is on additional features that RidgeRun adds on 
  this package. Features that are included in this package are neccesary 
  for meet RidgeRun needs.
  General information:
4. Installation gst-openmax plugins
  First, you need to download or clone gst-openmax package, specifically 
  the RidgeRun's repository located in github
  Clone it with the following command:
	git clone git://  
  or download on:

5. Building gst-openmax plugins
  The build system used by the RidgeRun's version of gst-openmax is based
  on a shared library called libOMX, which is located in its own github 
  repository under the name libOMX_Core-DM81xx
  Clone repository with the following command:
	git clone git://
  or download:
  After it, you need to run the following commands on gst-openmax 
  Also, you need to apply patches that are on patches directory. These 
  patches are modifications on GStreamer API. 
  In patches directory, you can find a README file that contains information 
  about functionality of patches as well as the GStreamer's version where 
  you need to apply them.

6. Compiling gst-openmax plugins

  First, you need to compile gst-openmax with:

  and then, in order to install them please run:
	 make install

7. Change Log
  This section shows and explain differences between RidgeRun's gst-openmax 
  package and TI's gst-openmax package.
  - Modifying build system, new build system is based in the use of a shared 
  library called libOmx.
  - Adding support for omx_camera.
  - Adding support for omx_tvp.
  - Adding support for decoder, 60fps by default.

8. If something goes wrong
  Write us at: