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This is a read-me file for GStreamer patches

(C) Copyright 2011 - RidgeRun Engineering



1. Summary
2. gstreamer-0.10.32 package
3. gst-plugins-base-0.10.32 package
4. gst-plugins-bad-0.10.21 package
5. If something goes wrong

1. Summary
  These are the release notes for the GStreamer packages patches. It is 
  necessary to compile and install RidgeRun gst-openmax package adequately. 
  Read them carefully. Remember apply patches in the correct 
  order shown below.

2. gstreamer-0.10.32 package
  - 0001_add_GstQueryBuffers_query.patch
	Upstream query from video sink to get minimum number to request, for
	given caps, the minimum number of buffers.

  - 0002_gstevent_add_crop_event.patch
	Downstream serialized event to pass cropping information to display 
	and encoders.

		No solution yet for VC-1 range mapping or VP6 mirroring
		No solution yet for non-destructive text/graphic overlays
		Won’t work properly if video-sink does not handle the crop event

  - 0004_add_support_to_replace_PadTemplates.patch
	This patch solves problems with just run gst-inspect.  It is caused 
	by the plugin implemented in gstomx_vc1dec.c, because it tries to add 
	a pad template called src, however, this plugin already inherits a pad 
	called src from its parent class in gstomx_base_videodec.c. This patch 
	modifies it, if a subclass tries to add a pad template that already 
	exists, it will just replace the old one with the new pad template added 
	by the subclass, in this case vc1dec.

3. gst-plugins-base-0.10.32 package

  - 0003_rowstride.patch
	To avoid memcpys, all YUV buffers are strided. To realize the performance 
	benefits of TILER 2D buffers, YUV buffers require 4KiB rowstride.

4. gst-plugins-bad-0.10.21 package
  - 0005_correct_postion_to_get_info_from_sps.patch
	The current version of h264parse creates a wrong codecdata parameter 
	since it doesn't use the correct index to extract information 
	like profile_idc, profile_compability and level_idc from the sequence 
	parameter set (SPS) created by the H264 encoder, causing problems to 
	identify (in the decoder side) the profile that was used to encode the 
	stream, as result the decoder won't be able to decode the stream properly. 
	In this patch we have solved the issue and now the decode is able to 
	identify the profile that was used to encode the original stream. 

5. If something goes wrong
  Write us at:

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