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GStreamer Daemon is a GStreamer framework for controlling audio and video streaming using D-Bus messages

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improved: Move destroy() from factory to the pipeline instance. Why? …

…A destructor call is always something, that is executed on a instance (and it's also always a virtual function).

improved: removed the list command, as dbus objects can be already iterated by using a dbus API.
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Sebastian Zenker authored
GStreamer Daemon, also called gstd, is a GStreamer framework fore controlling
audio and video streaming using D-Bus messages. Qt applications, web interfaces,
and GStreamer element test suites show different ways the framework can be
utilized.  GStreamer Daemon is gst-launch on steroids where you can create
a GStreamer pipeline, play, pause, change speed, skip around, and even change
element parameter settings all while the pipeline is active.

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