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Image Pipe Daemon

Image Pipe Daemon (ipiped), is a daemon exposing a D-Bus interface allowing control and interaction with the image processing functionality provided by the camera subsystem hardware on Texas Instruments SoC processors and supports interaction with the camera sensor settings.

This API was initially developed for the DM365 platform and the Aptina MT9P031 CMOS image sensor. Support for other sensors was added later, thus validating the ipiped design. ipiped was designed to be modular and easily adapted to interact with other camera subsystems architectures and camera image sensors.

Drivers exist for controlling the functionality of the image processing found on SoCs and the camera sensor. Also, ipiped offers an extra layer of functionality to make easier for applications to control the various settings.

Ipiped supports RidgeRun's auto exposure/auto white balance library. This project includes a sample application called ipipe-client to interact with the ipiped.