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What is Docker-YaTank

Docker-YaTank is a Yandex.Tank container for load testing.

How to use

Usable params

  • -h, --help - show command line options
  • -c CONFIG, --config=CONFIG - read options from INI file. It is possible to set multiple INI files by specifying the option serveral times. Default: /yandex-example-configs/load.iniload.ini
  • -i, --ignore-lock - ignore lock files
  • -f, --fail-lock - don't wait for lock file, quit if it's busy. The default behaviour is to wait for lock file to become free.
  • -l LOG, --log=LOG - main log file location. Default: ./tank.log
  • -n, --no-rc - don't read /etc/yandex-tank/*.ini and ~/.yandex-tank
  • -o OPTION, --option=OPTION - set an option from command line. Options set in cmd line override those have been set in configuration files. Multiple times for multiple options. Format: <section>.<option>=value Example: yandex-tank -o "console.short_only=1" --option="phantom.force_stepping=1"
  • -s SCHEDULED_START, --scheduled-start=SCHEDULED_START - run test on specified time, date format YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss or hh:mm:ss
  • -q, --quiet - only print WARNINGs and ERRORs to console
  • -v, --verbose - print ALL messages to console. Chatty mode

Add an ammo file name as a nameless parameter, e.g.: yandex-tank ammo.txt or yandex-tank ammo.gz

Example load.ini

ATENTION!!! Main folder is /yandex-tank-configs in container. All paths in load.ini must follow this folder! See ammo example config below.

address=example.com:80 ; Target's address and port
rps_schedule=const(5,1m) ; load scheme
header_http = 1.1
headers = [Host: example.com] [Cookies: None] [Connection: close]
uris = /
port = 8888
interval = 1
manualstop = 1
ammo = /yandex-tank-configs/ammo.txt

You should use 8888 port in load.ini, because container pre-configured to use this port.

Param monitoring is not supported. May be in future it will be.

Pull and Run the Docker Container

docker run --name yatank -ti --rm -p 8888:8888 -v /path-to-config-dir:/yandex-tank-configs riftbit/docker-yatank -c /yandex-tank-configs/load.ini


docker run --name yatank -ti --rm -p 8888:8888 -v /path/to/config/dir:/yandex-tank-configs riftbit/docker-yatank /yandex-tank-configs/ammo.txt

Test it by visiting http://container-ip:8888 in a browser. On the other hand, if you need access outside the host on port 80:

docker run --name yatank -ti --rm -p 80:8888 -v /path-to-config-dir:/yandex-tank-configs riftbit/docker-yatank -c /yandex-tank-configs/load.ini

Then go to http://localhost or http://host-ip in a browser.

All report files will be created in /path/to/config/dir used for mount config.