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Authors of Rigs of Rods

Rigs of Rods is licensed under GPLv3 or later by the following authors (in no particular order) if not stated otherwise. A copy of the license can be found in COPYING or online at

Previous authors of the source code
GitHub nickname RoR forum nickname real name email
? pricorde ? ?
tdev tdev Thomas Fischer tfischer{at}beamng{dot}com
Aperion Aperion Chris Ritchey ?
? estama ? ?
? Lifter ? ?
? FlyPiper ? ?
? knied ? ?
? neorej16 ? ?
? 88Toyota ? ?
? synthead ? ?
? theshark ? ?
Hiradur Hiradur Niklas Kersten
Additional authors not found on the Rigs of Rods forum
Alias real name email
altren ? ?
petern ? ?
imprenagy ? ?
priotr ? ?
cptf ? ?

If you are one of the previous authors and happen to come across this list please complete your entry.

Authors of assets used by Rigs of Rods
GitHub nickname RoR forum nickname real name email
? donoteat ? ?
? kevinmce ? ?
? 09Challenger ? ?
Speciesx klink ? ?
? hagdervriese ? ?
authors of the source code since reboot (move to git)
GitHub nickname RoR forum nickname real name email
only-a-ptr only_a_ptr Petr Ohlídal
Aperion Aperion
Max98 max98 Moncef Ben Slimane moncefbenslimane{at}yahoo{dot}fr
skybon skybon Artem Vorotnikov
ulteq ulteq

If you are a first time commiter please add yourself to this list for legal reasons. You may want to disguise your email adress to prevent crawlers from detecting it. If you do so make sure it does not leave room for different interpretations.

A list of recent Rigs of Rods authors ("contributors") can also be determined from the VCS, e.g. via git shortlog -sne, or conveniently looked up on the GitHub web interface. This does not contain all contributors however since the source code moved from SVN to Hg to git repositories.

Details on individual authorships of files can be obtained via the VCS, e.g. via git blame, or the GitHub web interface. Again, this does not display all authors.