Patches the RSA Key and applies mail patches in IOS31 and IOS80 on the Wii so you can use RiiConnect24.
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IOS Patcher

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This patcher patches the RSA Key and applies mail patches in IOS31 for Wii/vWii and IOS80 just for Wii so you can use RiiConnect24 without errors prohibiting you.

The macOS/Linux version of the patcher uses a version of Sharpii available at

You can download IOS Patcher in 4 ways

  • Click on Clone or download -> Download ZIP
  • Go here and download the latest release.
  • Open cmd.exe (only on Windows 7 or newer) and paste powershell -command "(new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('', 'net_install.bat')" & start net_install.bat
  • Open Command Prompt/Terminal and type in git clone (Only if you have git installed on your computer)