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Welcome to the RiiConnect24 Patcher! This patcher will do everything for you, all you need to do is sit back and relax :)

For Windows please download RiiConnect24Patcher.bat
For UNIX System users (MacOS, Linux) please download and run it using Terminal

NOTE: The Unix patcher is currently unavailable due to problems that arise with it. If you want to try it, check out the source code. If it doesn't work, please email

Windows version v1.0.9
Finished Beta testing successfully!

  • Changed the way how patcher downloads files from internet. We won't have any Powershell errors now! We now use curl.
  • Added a new progress bar. It will now show what the patcher is doing at the moment.
  • Added a failsafe for new errors. After the patcher encounters an error, it will try to auto troubleshoot it and restart the patching process. Everything without notifying the user .
  • Made patching process a lot faster... and more stable.
  • Fix for few bugs

This is a really important update. See any errors? Mail me at

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