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WiiWare patching for Wiimmfi made easy.
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Automatic WiiWare Patcher

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This patcher will make WiiWare patching easy to do to use Wiimmfi.


Put your WADs (there can be multiple of them) in the folder corresponding to your operating system then run the patch script. Below are instructions to run that.

Windows users:

  • Double click the "patcher.bat" script to run it. Don't run WiiWarePatcher.exe. After starting up the patcher, follow the instructions on screen. Also, don't forget to put .WADs into the folder with patcher..

Mac/Linux users:

  • You need to install Mono if you haven't already. On Mac, install homebrew from, and type
    brew install mono
    in a Terminal window. In Linux, use your package manager (APT for Debian/Ubuntu, etc) and install the appropiate mono package - Google is your friend if you don't understand.
  • Open a command prompt (Terminal on Mac).
  • Type "cd" and put a space.
  • Drag and drop the folder with the patcher (it either says Mac or Linux depending on what you choose) to the command prompt.
  • Type in "sh".

We recommend installing these WADs with WiiMod Lite.


  • CUE for the compressors.
  • Person66 for Sharpii.
  • Wiiprogger for WiiWare Patcher.
  • KcrPL for making the Windows version of patcher.
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