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RSSMii - Get RSS Updates via WMB!
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RSSMii allows you to get updates from RSS feeds straight to your Wii. You will get the updates on your Wii Message Board.

It reads a "feeds.xml" file on your SD Card root to subscribe you to each feed listed. So you can update it at any time, then launch RSSMii again and it'll update your subscriptions.

For Windows users: We now have the script to create a feeds.xml file so you don't need to create it manually. It will only ask you for the feed name, URL and it will do everything automatically. It can even copy that file to your SD Card :). Please download it from '..::Here::..'

Are you a Linux or a Mac user? Don't worry, we have a tutorial for you on how to make feeds.xml file. '..::Click here::..'

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