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@larsenv larsenv released this May 11, 2019

  • Add a choice of intervals for receiving RSSMii updates. You can set an interval ranging from 5 to 180 minutes (3 hours).
  • All updates to the RSS feed should appear now using the If-Modified-Since header date (server-side, doesn't affect the homebrew app). Now you should get those RSS updates that were previously missing!
  • Previously, the RSSMii updates would only download 100 times then stop, and you would have to relaunch the RSSMii app to resubscribe. Now, it runs the maximum amount of times possible! (32,767 times).
  • Rewrote the remover
  • Other minor improvements to the RSSMii mail downloading (server-side, doesn't affect the homebrew app)

Thanks to @Brawl345 for making this update possible!

In order to create feeds.xml file, please download RSSFeedsCreator.bat (only works on Windows). If you need help, contact us at
(RSSFeedsCreator - v1.0.2)

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