Python module for interacting with the PayEx Soap API
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pypayex is a Python module for interacting with the PayEx Soap API.

The PayEx implementation manual is available here:


Install pypayex (available on PyPi):

pip install pypayex

Requires the suds SOAP library, and ordereddict on Python < 2.7.


from payex.service import Payex

service = Payex(merchant_number='YOU_MERCHANT_NUMER', encryption_key='YOUR_ENCRYPTION_KEY', production=False)

# Initialize payment
response = service.initialize(purchaseOperation='SALE', price='5000', currency='NOK', vat='2500', orderID='test1', productNumber='123', description=u'This is a test.', clientIPAddress='', clientIdentifier='USERAGENT=test&username=testuser', additionalValues='PAYMENTMENU=TRUE', returnUrl='', view='PX', cancelUrl='')

User performs the payment on the URL in response['redirectURL'], and is redirected back to the returnUrl.

# When user is redirected back to the returnUrl, check the status of the transaction
response = service.complete(orderRef='GENERATED_ORDER_REF')

# Transaction was successfully performed
response['status']['errorCode'] == 'OK' and response['transactionStatus'] == '0'