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@RikkaW RikkaW released this 06 Oct 07:28

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changelog (zh-hans) (zh-hant)

v9.0.7 (1708)
v9.0.2 (1675)

Starting from v5.2.0, AppOps supports Sui. If your device is rooted, you can try Sui, it only requires you to install a Magisk module. (Select Shizuku mode)

Restore purchase from Google Play

To purchase or restore purchase from Google Play, you may have to install the app using adb.

adb install -i '' <apk path>

This is because Google Play may refuse apps not installed from Google Play to initiate the purchase. The -i '' in the command specifies the installer as Google Play.

Just a backup

v8.0.1 (1603) (Incompatible with Android 14+)
v5.5.6 (1453) (The last version has Device admin mode, incompatible with Android 11+)