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Changelog (zh-hans zh-hant)


Enhancement module

The enhancement module requires Riru, you should install Riru first.

Note that the module requires Magisk v20.4 or above, this version restriction is controlled by Magisk, not the module itself.


  • v25.1.1 (Requires Riru v25+, app v6.0.0+)

Test verisons

⚠️ Warning: Test version may be unstable

No test version now

Restore purchase from Google Play

To purchase or restore purchase from Google Play, you may have to install the app using adb (or any terminal app).

# use adb
adb install -i '' <apk path>

# use terminal app
pm install -i '' <apk path>

This is because Google Play may refuse apps not installed from Google Play to initiate the purchase. The -i '' in the command specifies the installer as Google Play.