A small python package to import your resume to the platform.
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## usage

resume_importer [-h] --paths [PATHS [PATHS ...]] [-r]
                          [--source_id SOURCE_ID] [--api_key API_KEY]
                          [--timestamp_reception TIMESTAMP_RECEPTION]
                          [--verbose] [--silent] [--n-worker N_WORKER]
                          [--logfile LOGFILE]


resume_importer uploads resume to riminder's platform. The selected resume are selected using the paths argument and can be a directory or just a file.


  • --paths path/to/target/file/or/directory1 path/to/target/file/or/directory2 ... path/to/target/file/or/directoryn
    • Directory where document will be takken
    • Required
  • -h
    • print help message and exit
  • --source_id source_id
    • Source id of the source where files will be upload.
    • Will be asked if absent.
  • --api_key api_secret_key
    • Your api secret, available on your riminder platform.
    • Will be asked if absent.
  • --verbose
    • Enable verbose mode
  • --silent
    • Enable silent mode
  • --n-worker n
    • Select the number of worker (thread) you want to use.
    • Default: 3
  • --logfile path/to/file
    • Select a file where export logs will be logged
  • --timestamp_reception timestamp
    • Timestamp of the reception of these file
    • Default: Time when file get to the server.