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My option Lemp Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic)
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My option Lemp Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic)


All-in-one one "click" installation of the LEMP environment Nginx will be installed with the ability to dynamically load or disable any preloaded module Backup will be created for your current Nginx, PHP and MySQL / MariaDB installations Some core settings of Nginx and MariaDB that are often underestimated are configured properly OPcache is enabled and configured for PHP-FPM Monit will be configured to watch after SSH, Nginx, PHP and MySQL / MariaDB and restart them in case of an emergency This configuration was tested in heavy loaded environment (>500k requests to a webserver a day) more than six months straight Don't struggle anymore with adding new server blocks to Nginx when you add new websites to your server


Ubuntu 18.04 or later (best if it's fresh / clean installation) This script utilises root user privileges. If you run it from another user you need to add this user to sudoers group and prepend sudo to all commands in the script.

Example Files

"Hello World" website in /var/www/

phpinfo(); file at /var/www/

opcache.php at /var/www/

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