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DIfferent electronics devices designed to create a home automation network with Open Hardware
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Home Automation Devices

Several Open Hardware electronics devices based in the SoC ESP8266 for Home Automation.

All designs are made with KiCad, so make sure to have it installed.

In every project you can find the KiCad designs, the manufacturing Gerbers, the necessary firmwares and a documentation folder with BOMs and the design in PDF.

AC Relay

Version Progress

It is a relay controlled by an ESP8266 and a push button. It is powered by the main AC.


Task Vesrion Progess
Schema and circuit design 2.1 Progress
Components selection - Progress
PCB design 2.1 Progress
GERBERs 2.1 Progress
Firmware test bench 1.0 Progress
Firmware 1.2 Progress
Documentation - Progress



This firmware allows you to test the hardware if needed. It will change the relay status each 400 millisenconds when the button is pressed and it will send the push button status via serial communication.


This firmware is based in the Adafruit example for comumnicate with its MQTT broker called AdafruitIO. You can see more in

In order to use it you should set:

  • Your WiFi setting
  • You Adafruit user name
  • API Key from Adafruit IO
  • The MQTT feed which will be used in Adafruit IO


This firmware allows you to communicate with a MQTT broker. For example, you can install your own MQTT broker in a Raspberry Pi.

This is the actual firmware that I am using at home with this circuit, and it is prepared for being working 24/7. It does:

  • Recovery after a power failure.
  • Wake up message
  • Reconnect message
  • Serial debug
  • WiFi reconnect if the signal is lost
  • MQTT Broker reconnect if the signal is lost

For future revisions

  • LED: LED as IO instead of Power LED
  • ESP8266: ESP8266 as SoC instead of the ESP8266-12E module
  • UPS: Uninterrupted Power System. Cesar Fernández idea
  • Capacitive button: A capacitive external button that acts as the push button

Button with battery

Coming soon

Any idea will be well received!

Licencia Creative Commons
Home Automation Devices by Enrique Gómez, Rincón Ingenieril licensed by Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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