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Releases: Rinnegatamante/DaedalusX64-vitaGL


13 Dec 18:59
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  • Added support for Russian translation. (By nekita13)
  • Added support for Turkish translation. (By rewold20)
  • Fixed an issue causing the app to crash when booted from other apps in certain cicrumstances.
  • Separated nightly auto updater from stable releases auto updater.
  • Optimized several instructions in the DynaRec.
  • Made DynaRec code buffer doublebuffered.
  • Implemented several missing instructions in the DynaRec.
  • Added registers caching to the DynaRec.
  • Fixed some issues in the DynaRec causing incorrect operations to happen.
  • Added loop optimizations to the DynaRec.
  • Added memory access optimizations to the DynaRec.
  • Removed Safe Dynarec as CPU emulation mode and added a DynaRec config panel to properly enable optimizations selectively.
  • Fixed an issue causing graphics to get corrupted in some games if Wait Rendering Done wasn't set.
  • Made so that the emulator will automatically unpause if the user selects the Close Rom or Restart Rom options while the emulator was paused.
  • Updated to latest vitaGL commit.

Nightly 20230103.1

02 May 09:34
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  • 8e48078 Major Translation Rework And Fixes (#254)
  • 79759d3 Re-arranged gamehacks list.
  • 1cde440 Added a hack to fix viHeight issues (#252)
  • e0e07f9 Removed AutoPlugin2 check since no plugins are required for DaedalusX64.
  • 75ba5bc Typo fix.
  • c9f4104 Tweaked the warning message to be more explicative.
  • 2ec9396 Typo fix.
  • 1047e94 Turned AutoPlugin check into a warning.
  • 314f4a7 Added a check on AutoPlugin 2 existence and refuse to boot if installed.
  • 544db68 Make it compatible with latest vitaGL build.
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  • 91e8968 Added alternative dynarec implementation using kubridge.
  • 886cad5 Make it properly compile with latest vitaGL.
  • 1f20d2f Integrated Ryukyuan translation.
  • e8eac4d Corrected Japanese translation & added Ryukyuan translation (#251)
  • 3c0d865 Added Japanese translation (Thanks to kuragehime).
  • eb0262f Updated Danish translation with some missing lines. (#248)
  • ba53a22 Fixed several broken textures in Rayman 2 and Donald Duck Quack Attack.
  • fc3f96b Fixed broken game logic on Donald Duck: Quack Attack and Rayman 2.
  • 7879cbe Fixed a bug causing modern renderer to be unusable with custom bubbles.
  • a7c3ecc Added sort by Least Played option in rom selector.
  • 5ed00c8 Allow to load game configs from emulator rom selector screen.
  • decefa8 Fixed a bug causing game specific modern renderer setting not to work.
  • b37c511 Made rom selector UI widgets sizes not be bound to text sizes.
  • a9ee517 Added Romanian translation (Thanks to noru212).
  • 3b31c96 Translated missing lines in Danish translation. (#242)
  • b7ba58f Added an hack to vitaGL to handle N64 fog properly.
  • 8ad3962 Added background music in emulator main menu.
  • f98727d Fix a typo in glBlendEquation base mode setting.
  • b39f7c0 Fixed a crashing issue in Ocarina of Time's Water Temple.
  • ec98b33 Eanble SHADER_COMPILER_SPEEDHACK in vitaGL for Nightlies.
  • c9ac99c Translate missing lines in PT_BR translation. (#241)
  • fab5cc5 Fixed a couple of typos in roms.ini (#240)
  • 064572b Added possibility to swap renderer at runtime.
  • 2138fe8 Added gamma correction post processing shader.
  • 72b213e Added changelist window when installing a new update.
  • afb72fd Added some romhacks to roms.ini (#237)
  • 77770bc Fix compilation with latest vitaGL.
  • 730c69c Make CRC trailing zeroes not get stripped out.
  • 7ab901d Adjust readme for latest vitaGL compilation instructions.
  • d492f30 Made the libshacccg.suprx error string translateable.
  • c6c96f0 Added a check for libshacccg.suprx existence at boot.
  • 30983a1 Disabling texture combiner in vitaGL.
  • 3bcdc26 Make savestates be bound to ROM CRC instead of game name.
  • b88ab9f Made font file with chinese support optional.
  • df914ba Make nightly builder properly work with latest vitaShaRK build.
  • 53a2b59 Disable UI texts scaling option for chinese language.
  • 1758719 Added a gamehack to fix dialog boxes in Ogre Battle 64.
  • d582cfb Added chinese language support (Thanks to CHN-Gen).
  • 0ada8d1 Disabling dynarec loops optimization by default.
  • 8c79e61 Fixed an issue causing texture flashing/garbling.
  • c4f9627 Adapted for latest vitaGL commit support.
  • 459dd37 Fix for latest vitasdk support.
  • df1184c Make it compatible with latest vitaGL commit. (#233)
  • 0cb2fe0 Added new romhacks to roms database. (#232)
  • 422e0f9 Added some romhacks to the roms database. (#230)
  • 53cbf71 Added some romhacks to the roms list. (#226)
  • a305bf4 Log git version during nightly building.
  • 54fcd92 Tweaked alpha test ref value for legacy renderer.
  • 84110c4 Calculate CRC for full textures.
  • c589261 Dump textures only when not available and allow usage for dumper and highres textures together.
  • 3d482de Added missing lines to German translation. (#222)
  • 08ebf3d Added missing lines to Polish translation. (#221)
  • b5619d9 Added missing lines to Greek translation.
  • 3c47570 Added missing strings in Portuguese (BR) translation. (#220)
  • ea7f15c Added a texture cache for high res textures.

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