3D Game Engine using RayCasting algorithm for Lua Player Plus



RayCast3D is a 3D Game Engine for Nintendo 3DS / PSVITA which runs under Lua Player Plus 3DS / Lua Player Plus Vita. It uses RayCasting algorithm to generate a 3D world starting from a 2D map. It runs fullspeed on N3DS even with best accuracy values. On O3DS it runs pretty good with accuracy value >= 2.


  • Different tile size maps support
  • Automated camera and player position management
  • No restrictions on maps sizes
  • Support for sky and floor rendering (still choppy at the moment)
  • Automated minimap renderer with player position
  • ShootCasting feature to easily build FPS and similars
  • Textured walls support
  • Customizable FOV
  • Walls collision detection
  • Shading support for shadows, fogs and similar effects

TechDemo (by ihaveamac)



Here are some games made using RayCast3D:


  • Rinnegatamante: Author
  • ihaveamac: Tester
  • Misledz for the engine logo
  • Special thanks to fpermadi for this really cool tutorial i used as base to learn about RayCasting algorithm