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Port of lilium-voyager (Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Holomatch multiplayer) for PSVITA.
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Lilium Voyager is a fork of ioquake3 for running Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Holomatch (multiplayer). It is based on Thilo Schulz' ioEF engine (also known as iostvoyHM). The focus for Lilium Voyager is to maintain Elite Force multiplayer support on newer ioquake3 versions.

Differences from ioEF 1.38-rc1 (2011):

  • Player origin rounding is compatible with the original QVMs (x86, x86_64).
  • Fixed "read past end of server message" error after downloading a pk3 using EF 1.2 protocol (24).
  • Network compatible with ioEF 1.37.
  • Dedicated servers are listed on official Raven master server.
  • Client and server use separate config files (from ioq3).
  • Better compatibility with newer operating systems (from ioq3).
  • VoIP uses Opus codec instead of Speex (from ioq3).
  • Support for ioquake3's OpenGL2 renderer.

Lilium Voyager code commits: compare/upstream...master

The source code for the Elite Force game, cgame, and ui code is not included as it remains under a non-free license.


Lilium Voyager is compiled using make. For details see building ioquake3 and the ioquake3 readme.

The Visual Studio project files are not supported.

Additional make variables not in ioquake3:

  • USE_CODEC_MP3=1 - Enable MP3 support using libmad (defaults to 1).
  • USE_INTERNAL_MP3=1 - Use libmad in the local source tree (defaults to 1).



Lilium Voyager is licensed under the GNU GPLv2 (or at your option, any later version).


  • Quake 3 - id Software
  • ioquake3 - ioquake3 contributors
  • ioEF - Thilo Schulz & contributers
  • Lilium Voyager - Zack Middleton


Please submit all patches as a GitHub pull request.

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