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============== Make sure that you have the following installed

  1. Python2.7 (Recommend Anaconda ) and Packages:
    1. Networkx
    2. Biopython (version >=1.68)
    3. Numpy (version >= 1.11.2)
    4. Keras (version >=1.1.2)
  2. Diamond (version >= 0.8.18)
  3. MetaGeneMark
  4. CD-hit
  5. IDBA-UD



$ git clone

$ cd ./POEM

$ bash ./



For short reads:

$ bash ./bin/ -f reads.fsa -a y

reads.fsa is single fasta file. If the reads are paired-end files in fastq or fasta format, 
use the fq2fa of IDBA_UD to convert them to  a single fasta file.

For genome/assembly:

$ bash ./bin/ -f genome.fsa -a n

genome.fsa is the genome/assembly fasta file.



example directory contain a genome fasta file of E.coli, run the script named to test the pipeline

$ cd ./example

$ bash ./ genome



The output of POEM is a set files:

1.  input.fsa:
    Contigs from IDBA-UD output

2.  input.fsa_gmk_aa.fsa and input.fsa.gff:
    Proein sequences and gff file predicted by MetaGeneMark on contigs from step 1

3.  input.fsa.cdhit and input.fsa.cdhit.clstr:
    CD-hit clustering results for protein sequences from step 2

4.  input.fsa_aa.fsa:
    Filtered protein sequence according to the results from step 3

5.  input.fsa.flt.blast8:
    -m 8 tabular file of protein sequences from step 4 against the COG database

6.  input.fsa.flt.blast8.flt:
    Filtered blast results from step 5. Only hits which identity >= 80 are kept

7.  input.fsa.cog:
    COG annotation for protein sequences from step 4

    A file lists loci for all genes.

9.  input.fsa.adjacency and input.fsa.operon:
    Predicted operonic adjacency and full operon of step 8

10. input.fsa.cog_adjacency:
    This file contain two part:
    1). The COG adjacency of operonic adjacency
    2). Operon's core COG and its closest real operon

11. input.fsa.core_cog_adjacency:
    The core COG adjacency

12. input.fsa.core_network.sif, input.fsa.core_node.attrs and input.fsa.core_edge.attrs:
    These files are used for cytoscape visualization of core COG adjacency from step 11. input.fsa.core_network.sif records relationship between nodes. input.fsa.core_node.attrs records colors and names of nodes. input.fsa.core_edge.attrs records weight of edge between each adjacent nodes.