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  • Allow epub to show image locally (cover and illustration).
  • Study about epub and understand how to customize the style.
  • Make a stable and scalable online service

Multi_reader -> EPYB

EPYB 可以将在线阅读网站上的小说资源自动爬取并转换成 epub 格式。本质上是一个搜索器 + 爬虫 + EPUB 转换器的集合,帮助用户一步到位将可以在线阅读的书籍变成 epub。目前只支持一些特定的网站比如 努努书坊天涯书库 ,但以后会支持更多。欢迎告诉我你希望能够支持的在线阅读网站,目前正在逐步支持。欢迎 fork, star, 提 pr/ issue!

EPYB is a tool that allows you to search book name online and transfer the book to epub format for you automatically. It integrates a scraper and epub converter so you don't need to worry about any middleware. I am also working hard to support more and more online reading websites like and Please feel free to tell me your favourite online reading site and I would consider to add it to the support list.

A new Django frontend

A new Django front end is added for the project and is going to be hosted online in the future. It works rough but fine locally by calling

python runserver

at ...\scraper\EpybFront folder and the project is running in

Supported Website List 2018-03-01

  1. 努努书坊
  2. 天涯书库
  3. 读书369
  4. 天下书库
  5. SFACG
  6. 轻小说文库


  • requests
  • beautifulsoup
  • googleclientapi