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Create a Keymap

Visit the qmk configurator at and select your keyboard in the top left button reading KEYBOARD. Then select the appropriate layout in the LAYOUT button (This is what the keyboard looks like physically). Now you are going to create your keymap by dragging the keys to their appropriate places or clicking on the empty space and press the key you would like to use in that location. Once you have finsihed creating a keymap click the green COMPILE button in the top right. Wait for that to finish, once done click the button labled FIRMWARE in the bottom right.

Install Drivers

Download latest from qmk/qmk_driver_installand extract the zip to a temporary location. Now you need to double click on install_all_drivers.bat. Once it has finished simply close the window.

Install More Drivers

Download Zadig from . After the download has finsihed run Zadig-<current version>.exe. When the program opens, check that the center box reads WinUSBclick Install WCID Driver. Now wait until it has finished installing the driver. When it finishes close out the program.

Flash your keyboard

Download the latest release of QMK Toolbox at Once the download has finished, extract the files from the zip and either install QMK Toolbox with the qmk_toolbox_install.exe or run it in portable mode with qmk_toolbox.exe. Once it is installed/opened click open on the top center of the window and select the .hex you downloaded from the configurator. Then you will select the appropriate microcontroller in the top right (if you do not know it is most likely the default, ATmega32u4). Click the small box next to Auto-Flash to make QMK Toolbox automatically flash the keyboad when it detects that the keyboard is in reset mode. Now you need to find either the key combo, reset button or use bootmagic to put your keyboard into reset mode, this is different for each keyboard so you will need to find out which one your keyboard uses. Once it is in reset mode QMK Toolbox will automatically flash the new firmware. If it does'nt either your keyboard is not in reset mode or you QMK Toolbox is not detecting the microcontroller. (See troubleshooting)[] Once it says it's finished you are done you've successfully flashed your new keymap!

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