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liquibase cookbook


  • Chef 10
  • Centos / Redhat / Fedora

License and Author

Author:: Jamie Winsor (
Author:: Jesse Howarth (

Maintainer:: Josiah Kiehl (

Copyright 2012-2013, Riot Games

See LICENSE for license details

Resources / Providers


Migrate a database using a liquibase changelog.


Action Description Default
run Run the migrations Yes
force Force run the migrations


Attribute Description Type Default
change_log_file The liquibase change log file location on disk, relative to the cwd attribute String name
jar The location of the liquibase jar to use String
connection Database connection information Hash
classpath The classpath to use when executing the migrations String
driver Database driver String com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
adapter Database adapter Symbol :mysql
contexts Contexts to run the migrations in String live
cwd The directory to run the migrations from String
change_log_properties A hash where the keys are property names and the values are property values for substitution into the change log(s) Hash {}